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Juisy – we are always looking to surprise

Juisy is always looking to be a surprising, inspiring and attractive brand for you. This can be in regards to taste with our Intense fruits but also by an attractive and convienent packaging like our kiweek. We are always looking to do something different that suits your way of life. We try to stimulate the consumption of healthy and tasty fruit and do this by offering you the right tools to prepare our fruit. But it is also important to think about other people. Supporting the Dutch Cancer Society we all have the same goal to promote a healthy lifestyle.

We hope that you will like our initiatives and are also looking for your own creative ideas. This can be in your own delicous recipes that we would like to share with other people. Maybe you have a great idea about some new addition to our assortment or a better or more convienant type of packaging. We cannot change the world in one day but are looking to improve it together.

Pineapple Slicer Carrybag

Did you know that most people that do not buy a pineapple are doing this because they do not know how to prepare one? For this we have created a spacial promotional package that offers a free pineapple with a pineapple slicer. Prepare a fresh cut pineapple within 30 seconds and start enjoying this delicious piece of fruit. The Pineapple Slicer is an original product produced in Europe and the product is made of high quality materials. For those who want to cut a pineapple with a regular knife you will find the cutting instructions on this website.

Enjoy your kiweek!

Our kiweek packaging has been specially designed for those who like to bring a kiwi to work. Enjoy your delicious kiwi on monday…thuesday…wednesday..thursday…and finish on friday!

Limes recipes bags

Did you know that there are many uses for our delicious limes? The classic use of limes of course is by using it in drinks like cocktails and also lemonades but a lime can be a great addition in many tasty recipes. For this we have developed a set of limes recipe bags where we try to inspire people to do more with limes. We hope that we can inspire you to start getting creative with this tasty product.